Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a special time during which your body goes through significant physiological, psychological, spiritual, emotional and social changes. Massage during this time can have many benefits, aside from being a wonderfully relaxing and luxurious experience it can help to eliminate and relieve you from some of the associated aches, pains and discomforts of pregnancy.

At a time when choices for pain relief are limited, a pregnancy massage can ease back pain, relieve tight muscles, reduce stress, aid with circulation & help to improve sleep patterns.

Before we begin your treatment we’ll discuss your pregnancy and how it’s been affecting your body so that we can develop an effective treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs. Your safety and comfort throughout the massage is essential, which is why we favour a side lying position on the massage table, with all areas of your body well supported with pillows ensuring that your are totally relaxed during your treatment. All techniques and the pressure used throughout the treatment are tailored for a mum to be and as such deep pressure and trigger point work cannot be used.

There are some instances where massage may not be recommended during your pregnancy especially during the first trimester so please feel free to call us for a chat prior to making your booking.