Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a deep massage that manipulates the soft tissues of the body for a specific therapeutic effect. Soft tissue tension affects the normal position of the joints and associated nerve tissue, therefore it is often involved in movement imbalances, postural dysfunctions and is almost always a contributing factor in musculoskeletal pain. With this in mind a remedial massage focuses on musculoskeletal disorders and a treatment plan aims to regain a clients normal muscle and soft tissue flexibility which in turn helps to alleviate pain, increase circulation and facilitate recovery after an injury.

A remedial massage is an assessment based massage where a wide range of diagnostic techniques are used to treat a condition ensuring that both the cause along with the symptoms are treated. You may have an injury or painful point that needs work; however other areas may require work in order to achieve the most effective outcome for your individual complaint or injury. This style of massage uses relevant techniques and movements according to the client’s needs and response. This leads to the healing process, which begins at the cellular level aiding soft tissues to repair by getting the blood flowing to the injured tissue, restoring functional integrity and adapting back to health. It lengthen outs and relaxes the muscles, resulting in increased flexibility & movement.

Remedial massage is beneficial in treating many conditions including those created by lifestyle factors eg. office desk related postural issues, repetitive strain injury, back pain and headaches.